About US

About US

Established in 2007, FLYINGVOICE is a leading supplier of communication terminal devices and VoIP one-stop solutions. All of our core members are from top telecom enterprises and with extensive professional experience in VoIP field. With a complete VoIP product line, FLYINGVOICE specializes in VoIP phones, ATAs and routers for business and home. We have independent research and development of patented technology for each FLYINGVOICE product, not only has passed the strict carrier-level BMT test, but also has been interactively tested with the industry's major Softswitch platforms, IMS platforms and IP-PBX software platforms.

We are aiming to empower small, medium and micro enterprises, solving the problem of “easy to buy but difficult to use” in network and communication. Over these years, Flyingvoice has won the trust and unanimous praise of domestic and foreign communication operators, system integrators and enterprises with its highly competitive products and services.

  • Our Mission

    Solve the problem of “easy to buy but difficult to use” in network and communication and empower SMEs by simplifying use of IT and DT.

  • Our Vision

    Make FLYINGVOICE the first choice for 60% of SMEs during their procurement of network and communication products.

    Become the most trusted partner for SMEs to build networks and UC systems.

  • Our Value

    Core Values: Honesty, Responsibility

    Principles of Growth: Keep the passion in learning, work and life.

    Principles of Organization: Organized, Disciplined, Trusted, Supervised

    Principles of Working: Targeted, Planned, Documented, Productive

    Principles of Cooperation: Adapting processes to Customer requirements.

    Principles of Customers: Our job and responsibility are to achieve and exceed customer expectations.